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Stroke of Luck random speed return tournament setting broken on Switch?

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  • Stroke of Luck random speed return tournament setting broken on Switch?

    I got the chance to try a real Attack From Mars today! First time in my life, arcade near me were having the re-release version. And i seriously got my ass whip!

    But there was something i notice, the return speed of the stroke of luck hole. It was random, sometime a weak return, forcing me to hold my right flipper to make the ball bounce, or else it was going directly to the drain! And also notice that the return from the right lane ( atomic blaster lane ), offently hitting the right slingshot when going down from it.

    I decide to try the Nintendo Switch version and notice it right away. While tournament settings have the proper score, the Stroke of Luck return is always full speed and go to the left flipper. Iv restart 20 times, played a few games, and i never saw it give me a weak return shot forcing me to hold my right flipper to save ball. Another note of importance. The IOS version is perfect ( when playing with pro physics and pro rule )The return of Stroke of Luck is random, and speaking of slingshot sensitivity from the return of right lane, i feel the IOS version is more sensitive. I cannot speak about other consoles, i just tried it on Switch and notice the difference compare to IOS and real life.

    I think its a bug that need to get fixed!

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    There is no software setting for randomizing stroke of luck eject speed on a real table.

    its just real life flakiness. not all real life games are that random with it.


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      Well, didnt know that tbh, as i said its first time i got the chance to play AFM in my life, but the flakiness of the eject seem to be present on IOS like the real life table i tried, if your playing with both pro physics and difficulty. It doesnt always happen, but its present, and on Switch, its not there. Perhaps then the IOS version is the one that need adjustment?