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Anything from Williams before DMD?

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  • Anything from Williams before DMD?

    Are we ever gonna see anything from the Williams collection before the DMD era started? I guess I'm in the minority but they had a lot of great games in the mid-to-late 80's, it'd be nice to see *something* from that era or even before. So far, I think we're 10 for 10 that all come from the DMD period.

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    Bride of Pinbot, that’s what I’m waiting for. Wasn’t that the last model without DMD? Really hoping for this table. Brings back great memories.


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      Bride of pinbot is a lot of fun. My only experience with it was on PA though. I only played the physical table once or twice at a barcade a couple years ago.


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        With the new announcement, it's now 13/13, all from the DMD era. I'm happy to see Hurricane but Cyclone (its predecessor) was arguably a better game and more popular.


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          I hope we get to these some time.


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            Me too


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              I also can't wait for ZEN to start giving us these tables because despite their age they still remain excellent tables and many of them have nothing to envy to those manufactured today .
              Don't get me wrong , there are many beautiful tables made these days , but I'm from the 80's and these "old" pinballs are a part of youthful memories .
              My top 5 :
              ●FUN HOUSE
              ●SPACE SHUTTLE

              There are also a lot of tables that are not very well known or a bit less loved but thanks to ZEN's enchanted mode they could have a second life , old tables could receive majors updates that could make them more contemporary .
              This I were I wonder how far ZEN can modify a table , do they have limits to respect or they can change anything they want without constraints , could someone answer that ? It's a topic that stings my curiosity .