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  • Multiplayer tables?

    I have seen some old ideas of multiplayer tables, where the table is like a soccer field, with flippers on each end, and players try to score on each other. Maybe if done in an exciting way, with cool stuff going on in the middle, this could be fun. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail

    My idea is a bit different. I would like to see more of a pinball map that multiple people play on at the same time. Viewed from the top, I guess it would look like a large table, but with playfields that intersect, and with players, or even teams of players that control sections of the map and work together or independently to score points. There would have to be multiple balls in play at the same time, probably one for each team or player in a specific color or custom team skin. Some ideas of things that could be going on to make it interesting (beside cool table design ideas and actions): maybe a member or members of enemy teams control disrupter flippers in another team's playfield, and try to either drain the ball, or pass the ball to their own team; then scoring with another team's ball can be like triple scoring or something (increased even more if you have your own team ball still in control or even more if you have captured multiple team balls). Once a team loses control of their ball, they can launch a new one, and if they recapture their old ball they get a bonus of some sort, and the ball autodrains or something like that. Think Pinout, but in multiple directions. Maybe from the top, a table could be round with 3-5 team sections. If the game was played with just one person on each team, then that person controls all of the flippers in each section, same as in normal pins.

    I feel like that could be really awesome.
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    Oh yeah, I know the first kind of machines, like Challenger.

    Your idea sounds pretty deep, with metagame elements and a tons of powers to use. One idea I had is if the team has to re-launch a new ball that counts as a 'life' so you have 3 balls and if they all get drained or stolen the other team won. But you can get them back and store them somehow to give back that life to you.

    I like the idea, although it would take an enormous effort to make a table like this!


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      This is a great post. So clear and easy to follow. Thanks for the tangible and attainable help. All your hard work is much appreciated.
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