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Cross platform Play - Steam and Switch?

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  • Cross platform Play - Steam and Switch?

    Hi all,

    Is there Cross Platform play possible between Pinball fx3 on Steam and the Nintendo Switch? I did not find anything in the faq (only for ps4/Steam).

    Thank you!

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    No, they are two completly different ecosystems, only crossplay and crossbuy i know about are with the xbox one and W10 store version on the PC, and i have fx3 on steam and PS4 also and they both have no link to each other or with the xbox or W10 version.
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      You will not see scores on the switch from ps4 or xbox, but you will see scores of computer users on steam. Also, ps4, I assume xbox as well, but do not own that system.
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        You're talking about cross platform leader boards right? If so then yes. The PC version links to all platforms, but the console versions can only link with the PC platform.

        Cross Platform Play refers to playing multiplayer games against different platform users.