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Buckle up! Williams Pinball Volume 4 is a wild ride with 3 new tables and revamped fx

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    I took a while to get used to the new flipper physics and now I just love it. I also really enjoy Road Show and have been playing that for the last couple of days. I haven‘t played the other two much yet but can see that I’ll enjoy the challenge of beating White Water.
    Hurricane doesn‘t look like my cup of tea. Either way, worth the buy for me. I’m willing to wait until Zen implements the new Vol 4 flipper physics in the previous volumes before I play them again so I’ll give myself a lot of time with these new tables. I have played little of Volume 3 but what I couldn’t get right was to do a live catch on Theatre of Magic as the ball came down the right loop (as in the PAPA tutorial) and I’m sure, based on my experience with the new flipper physics on Road Show, that I’ll be able to do so once Zen applies it. I’m enjoying the ability to work on “real life” flipper skills and can already see an improvement in my game-play even on Mac (Zen Pinball 2), where I struggle to make my Xbox One controller more sensitive for finesse shots.
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      TOTAN or Monster Bash next please or we RIOT!


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        Originally posted by mrsnipey View Post
        I have to admit, this IS the letdown volume for me.

        Not a single table that I am interested in.

        I want to play with the new physics but I only get 90 seconds to try it and half the time I'm watching a damn bulldozer do stupid stuff all over the screen rather than actually getting to try out the new physics.
        The new physics are not in the trial, they are only in classic mode, so you need to buy the pack first.


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          Well, its a pack i was mixly interested. The big table for me is Road Show. But now for the past few days im onto Hurricane, god, its amazing how better it feel compare to previous recreation! You guys really made me enjoy some tables i had mixed feeling in the past . Got 78 millions something for high score now!

          Now time to give White Water a better try 😬


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            Originally posted by Moosebox View Post
            The new physics are not in the trial, they are only in classic mode, so you need to buy the pack first.
            Thanks, I didn't know that. I guess I'll have to wait until they apply the physics to volumes 1, 2 and 3 to try it out.
            That's a pretty weird thing to do. How are people supposed to give their feedback if they can't try out the new physics (without buying the tables)?

            I've noticed there are hardly any reviews online for vol 4. For volume 3 there were heaps.