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Can't use both flippers (Switch)

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  • Can't use both flippers (Switch)

    Hello everyone,

    I just got a Switch for my birthday, and as a huge Pinball FX3 fan (since the days of Marvel Pinball on PS3) I was really excited to download it for the Switch.

    Except... It's unplayable?

    Why can't I use both flippers at the same time? In all the other versions, hitting both the triggers will activate both flippers at once. I know I'm a fairly amateur player, but I do this often. In the Switch version, only one flipper activates, and I have to let go of the one trigger for the other one to move.
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    Is this supposed to happen? Any ideas on whether its a known issue or intentional? This has really spoiled the game for me to the point I can't really use it.

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    Hi quinton, congrats on getting a Switch! Awesome.

    Are you playing in portrait mode using the Joy Con dpad buttons by any chance? These will not let you press both buttons/flippers at the same time because of the hardvare limitations of the Joy Con - the developer team tells me.

    If you play with the triggers, or a Pro controller you should be able to get both flippers up at the same time.

    Or your issue is that you can never activate both flipper even when using the triggers?


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      My guy, what you really need to do is buy a Flip Grip to play comfortably in portrait mode with proper controls.

      Looks like the website is currently out of stock, but maybe try eBay or something.


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        Ok, I know this is an old thread, but I too just got a switch and downloaded FX3 and the Williams pack that includes FunHose. I actually own a real FunHouse and I am sorry to say, this plays horribly on switch IMO. The real game has never been this hard or this unforgiving, and the physics off the flippers seems random at time. I also note that the ejection hole seems to have random collisions with the hole and does not always eject at the flipper. Sometimes it goes sideways. NEVER seen the real game do that. Maybe I need to get used to playing it, but t is aggravating and not fun yet.

        But most annoying right now is trying to play in portrait mode. I do not want to have to buy a new toy (as mentioned above, a Flip Grip) to play that way, but the flipper "button" "location" is not consistent. I can actuate the left flippers just fine most of the time, but trying to use the right flippers, 95% of the time, I get no reaction at all. Hunting around for the spot where the flipper is triggered also seems random at best and not always in the same location it seems. I thought I had a dead zone on my touch display, so I flipped it 180 degrees with the exact same results. Not the touch screen.

        Something I need to know about this? Where exactly are the flipper "buttons" in portrait? is there a way to make them visible so I can get my fingers in the right place?

        Sadly, not fun. And playing in landscape just does not show enough of the screen to really be playable.

        Thanks for any tips for playing in portrait sans a Flip Grip.