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  • Kanedas pinball podcast!!

    I’ve listened to his show for about as long as he’s been doing it. He’s quick on the news and entertaining rumors and such. He interviews well, and I enjoy when he has interesting guests on(basically only Ben heck lol) He’s also completely autistic/Sociopathic/bipolar. Listen to him rage out and completely lose his composure over some people on a pinball forum discussing a game. His rage was violent and childlike. His lasted episode, you can hear him almost come to tears as he discusses how he thinks “call outs” should go. He isn’t going to get his way and he’s going to complain about it for months. He doesn’t buy games to play, he wants the most expensive game as a status symbol. He’s a 10 year old boy. His music shows are also embarrassing, as he just uses beat blending software that any corner dive bar plays on a Saturday night. What a weirdo!
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    Great! I love hearing about pinball media of any kind, thanks for the recommendation