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Weak flippers on Xbox 1

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  • shogun00
    It's sounds like you are experiencing flipper lag, which is usually caused by video enhancers on your TV.

    Try changing the picture mode on your TV to "game" or "PC".

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  • RFlagg813
    started a topic Weak flippers on Xbox 1

    Weak flippers on Xbox 1

    Hello all, I noticed it tonight when I logged in to work on my Matchup tourney position, the flippers on all the tables I tried were weak. I noticed a slight flipper lag when I transitioned from Xbox 360/Pinball FX2 to an Xbox 1s and Pinball FX3 but it was minor. Now it's almost unplayable for me, if it were a physical table, I'd be swapping out all of the flipper solenoids and rubber. I watched the Williams new table release video mentioning improved flipper physics.

    Has there been a change in the core physics engine to explain this?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!