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Rome Scores are deleted?

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  • Rome Scores are deleted?

    Why have you erased Rome's scores?

    We are always the same with erased scores.

    There is no way forward, again to repeat the table.


    ¿Por que han borrado las puntuaciones de Rome?

    Siempre estamos igual con borrados de puntuaciones.

    No hay forma de avanzar, de nuevo a repetir mesa.


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    Is there a logical reason to reset scores for this or any table?
    Did they also reset cheaters scores?
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      I thought they would revalorize Romulus a little considering its difficulty, it was decided (in Septemer 2017, come on guys...) it would start at 25M, but I checked it and it' still starting at 10 M. So I have absolutely no idea why hi-scores would be deleted, still waiting for Deep's answer, will let you know.
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        Exceeding the 500M in this table already costs.
        Overcoming the 1000M you will get it 1 or 2 times with great luck.
        Overcoming the 2000M at this table is impossible mission, as if you are the lottery, I do not think it will happen again.
        That you leave a game of 2000M and you erase it has no name.
        Now I'll make 700, 900 or 1200M, I do not think there's a game like that again.

        In Android (Zen Pinball) I'm third with 528M (No improvements or magician power)
        In Pinball FX2 I'm 13th with 404M (No improvements or magician power)
        In Pinball FX3 it was first with 2.074M (With improvements and power of magician)

        This table requires weeks of practice to get games from 500M to 1000M.

        I do not see it right.


        Superar los 500M en esta mesa ya cuesta.
        Superar los 1000M lo conseguirás 1 o 2 veces con mucha suerte.
        Superar los 2000M en esta mesa es misión imposible, como si te toca la lotería, no creo que vuelva a pasar.
        Que te salga una partida de 2000M y te la borren no tiene nombre.
        Ahora haré 700, 900 o 1200M, no creo que salga una partida como esa de nuevo.

        En Android (Zen Pinball) estoy tercero con 528M (Sin mejoras ni poder de mago)
        En Pinball FX2 estoy 13º con 404M (Sin mejoras ni poder de mago)
        En Pinball FX3 eswtaba primero con 2.074M (Con mejoras y poder de mago)

        Esta mesa requiere semanas de práctica para conseguir partidas de 500M a 1000M.

        No lo veo justo.


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          If making a change to a table implies having to erase the scores, do not make the change and that's it!

          We can not be repeating the tables !!!

          It does not matter that a table of more or less points, the points are the same for all, right?

          So why modify it and delete the previous scores?

          You lose the desire to continue.


          Si hacer un cambio en una mesa implica tener que borrar las puntuaciones, no hagais el cambio y listo!!!

          No podemos estar repitiendo las mesas!!!

          Da igual que una mesa de más o menos puntos, los puntos los da igual para todos ¿no?.

          Entonces ¿por que modificarlo y borrar las puntuaciones anteriores?

          Se le quitan a uno las ganas de continuar.


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            Hi guys,

            are the two pictures from the same game mode (eg. Classic)?

            Did you notice this right now? Victor, which game mode did you get tha 2 billion score?


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              Yes, 1 Player Game (normal Mode).

              First image its actual table records.

              Second image its 11/11/2017 when i play this table.

              I accept changes in the tables when moving from FX2 to FX3.

              Tesla has changed a lot, Wild West Rampage, etc.

              Many tables have changed, some to facilitate them and others to give them more difficulty, in FX2 they have some rules and in FX3 other rules.

              That is acceptable.

              But to modify a table when people have already played it and to make a change that obliges to erase scores, that has no name.

              This is one of the most difficult tables there is, and repeating that game will be practically impossible.


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                Just so you know, Romulus mode finally starts at 25M on the new platform.