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Can No longer Play Deadpool Table

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  • Can No longer Play Deadpool Table

    Hi I seem to no longer be able to play Deadpool, I purchased this table when it was first released as a single table now it's part of a pack, when i highlight it it says to Press X to download (PS4) but when i do it just takes me to the pack and says to purchse it, I dont want the pack i just want access to the Table i had already paid for, is there a way to do this? thanks for any help / info.

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    Hi Terranova,

    so you purchased Deadpool back in the PS3 days? Have you played it in the PS4 version ever?

    There are a couple of things you can try:

    Did you check in your browser here: When logged in, click on your name next to your picture in the top right corner. Then if you click on "Download list" you should be able to see every game you have on your account. If you find the Pinball FX3 tables you purchased, there should be an option to download for PS4.

    You can try an alternate route by going into the PSN store on your PS4 and searching for the games in there. You should have the option to download them.

    You could try going to (Settings) > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Restore Licenses] as well.

    On your PS4 please go to FX3 (in the game's own menu) on the console push the "Down Arrow" - then PS Store - select Add-ons - All as owned - please mark what you would like to download.