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Update lost me my cabinet option

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  • Update lost me my cabinet option

    Hey all

    Just putting this out there for others in case they have same experience.
    Logged in tonight - Steam did its auto update thing as expected.
    I now have no cabinet mode available and FX3 wants my access code ( which I dont have as it was ages ago and didnt write down - my error )

    I have emailed ZEN and im sure they will assist - just letting others know about a possible update bug

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    Same issue

    I have to re-type the cabinet mode code every time I launch FX3 since the WMS4 update


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      My cabinet mode is still working fine after update not sure whats happening with you guys


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        Zen support replied

        they sent me a new code which, of course, does not solve the issue for me. I can only guess that there is a file or registry entry that is supposed to keep state of the code been input, that stopped working after the upgrade. I "verified local files" and did not help...


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          Thanks psmaraglia, I got a new code and my cab options became available again but I only logged in once since. Will now go see if my code "held" and advise accordingly