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Trouble keeping the ball alive in Whitewater?

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  • Trouble keeping the ball alive in Whitewater?

    Does anyone else have this problem? Obviously keeping the ball in play is the main difficulty of pinball, but I feel like this table is unique in how fast the ball drains. Most of the ramps on the left-center field in this game just send the ball right down the center if it comes back and even the first little “slit” on the big ramp that wraps around (when there’s not enough speed) sends the ball right through the flippers. Haven’t been able to keep a ball in play much longer than a minute at once (usually closer to :30) and i’ve probably played in the range of thirty games. Outside FX3, i’ve probably played whitewater a hundred times and can’t remember the ball draining quite so easily.

    Am I alone in this? I also welcome all “git gud” jokes, which I imagine i’m bringing upon myself.

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    White Water is a pretty ruthless table, that's for sure. Although if someone who played the real game and still feels this way - it may be worth to take a look at our end. I've heard kind of conflicting accounts from different people. There are a some who agree with you, and I heard people still telling me it is too slow.

    Which setting do you play on? Single Player, Classic with Arcade mode or Classic with Tournament mode?