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Loving the new Williams 4 pack the flippers are great, need more realistic physics!

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  • Loving the new Williams 4 pack the flippers are great, need more realistic physics!

    The physics are great on the new Williams 4 pack, I think that the more realistic the over all play field works the more people will buy you game. It makes it great to practice game play for tournaments and learning the game without spending a ton of quarters having to learn the machine.

    Wonder if you can do a high speed motion photography of the the play field to capture better physics of how the steal ball moves and bounces around the table. And then program it into the software. Like they do for movie production of animation.

    You could have a mode also that as a table gets older the physics change and the table wears, you could have brand new, year old, 5 years old

    Another idea, is do what Bethesda did with fallout 4, have a connection between the game and a ipad. You could have the Dot Matrix display be on the ipad so you see a larger version even a color version of the dot matrix display or video display as you do newer video games systems that have a LCD panel. Then down the road a augmented reality display as you look at the TV screen

    A pinball controller unit that would be as wide as a pinball cabinet with real pinball buttons, along with motion sensors for bumping the table and a button in the center which you see on the new pinball machines.

    Oh had one last idea, it would be cool if you could use your iphone camera to take a picture of the pinball level bubble then match it with your electronic version that would change the table slant. That way you could practice with a electronic version that matches your local set machine!!!!!

    Just some ideas to make FX simulation better.
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