Zen, is there an assets download page I'm not aware of on your forum here where us customers can obtain the graphic assets for the tables we purchase? Us cabinet users of your software are forced to find the assets to complete our tables from other sources with varying quality for backglasses, table videos and wheel images for our front ends. It would be great if you made them available to download for us users that have a need for those assets compared to the PS/xbox/switch/PC users who don't need them.

I find myself wanting to spend more fandom time creating cool animations for your releases to use on my cab (and to share) but am always put off when I come across a higher quality asset for a backglass that I have already spent too many hours on animating to change out. It would be nice to start off with the best asset available for us all to enjoy. If I were to really make a wish... a Photoshop .PSD document with all the layers intact would be an awesome time saver too! (here's lookin at you Medieval Madness!)