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Help me figure out Safecracker

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  • Help me figure out Safecracker

    I would absolutely love some advice on getting better at Safecracker. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it. It is certainly addicting, but every time I think i'm beginning to understand it, I'm suddenly baffled.

    I've been spending a lot of time playing in the 5 minute Zen tournament. It's helping me a lot because sudden death doesn't matter. The problem is I know that if i were to go back to playing it normally my score wouldn't break 300,000, because i just cant seem to figure out the right order of playing. Now, the bad scores might also be because i'm just terrible at aiming on this table, could be that i'm still getting used to the small flippers.

    There just seems to be a million things going on and half the time i have no idea what i'm doing, so i just keep trying to keep the ball in play, but the clock keeps ticking. I've been searching for tutorials, and i found one, but even he seems to be a bit confused as to why and how certain things happen.

    So.. How do you play it? What's your walk through? What's the best way to keep time going?
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    There are not many ways to get time back. one of them is tnt multiball. but you will discover that as your score gets higher that it gets harder and harder to get more time. the computer disabled award gets longer each time you collect it, and effectively gives you extra time, and its' also possible to light extra time on the outlanes.

    When you do still have time, getting the ball into the bumpers and completing drop target banks gives more time. bumpers give more time if they are lit, and the y are lit with the drop target banks.

    Most likely that dial to pick your move does not actually stop on what you try to. Same with the lock vs unlocked game on the display. it stops on what it dang well wants. same with the Mystery Square. If lights are jumping randomly, you will not be able to skill stop them. but if they are moving in a pattern (the shoes on the boardgame, for example) it will not cheat you.

    in vault multiball, you need to keep striking that post and spinning the disc to relight jackpots.

    That said, unless this game has special handling, it's self percenting features won't work very well because the state is reset at the start of each game, except for the high score list. This game definitely self percents, and that feature is absolutely required to actually work to play it right.
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      Same here, having problem to understand this table.

      Reading Rule Sheet maybe help a bit.


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