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    I'm currently at a/the pinball arcade and melting my face off (or is it drinking? or bouncing?) and just played Michael Crichton's Congo, which was pretty cool, but left with my third ball to post this, because this seemed more important.

    Are there any more "nature-based" pinball games? Seems to me, there could be some really friggin' cool nature-based type endeavors out there to make for a really enthralling and stimulating and fun time.

    Anyone know of something that could fit the bill, so-to-speak? Or do we need to push for something like that? fetLife itunes
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    Oh man, the Congo is a good machine. I once ran into one in a random bar and had a blast.

    Nature based games sound really cool, like tangled vines moving to make a ramp or something. Not sure if there are many of these out there, maybe Big Buck Hunter comes to mind? But that's not that lush environment like Congo.