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  • Cabinetless pinball cabinet


    I looked for a pinball setups thread but the only one I found was last posted on in 2016.

    Been hanging around the forums for a bit, but this is my first post. I've been really getting into PFX3 since I heard about Zen Studios getting the rights To Williams and Bally. I really wanted to build a cabinet and sent in an email to get a cabinet mode code. Unfortunately, the more I planned, I realized I just wasn't going to have the space I needed to build a full standard size cabinet and actually fit it in my game room.

    Unless I could build a full size cabinet I decided that I didn't really want one. I didn't want a smaller scale version and figured I could come up with something that would allow me to play from my chair anyway, if I wasn't going for the real size setup.


    I came up with the idea of turning an end table into a pinball/mame controller, and then just set up a monitor under my regular gaming TV oriented for the pinball field. I was looking for ideas online and didn't really have much luck finding something like this. It was all just cabinet builds or controllers built into a box. i saw some coffee tables with monitors built into them for video pinball but I didn't want to lean that low or sit on my knees.


    I ended up just winging it and looking up some button layout templates and made my own design using an end table I found for 7 bucks at a thrift store. I bought an inexpensive 16 dollar wiring and arcade button kit and some spade drill bits. Most of the graphics on it I printed up and glued on with a spray on adhesive. The prints are a matte finish and hold up well if they getting something spilled on them. I also clear coated the whole thing so it would look clean and stay looking nice over time hopefully. I was trying to throw together a mix of stuff that represented a lot of different pinball companies. I'll add more decals over time I'm sure.

    Holes.jpg Finished.jpg Buttons.jpg

    It is finished enough for right now, but I would like to wire up a plunger eventually and swap out some micro switch buttons for leaf switch buttons in the near future.

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    Oh Em Gee!

    This looks amazing! It's always great to see new ideas!

    And seeing Sonic Spinball on the screen just hit me in my childhood.
    My mom bought us a Sega Mega Stick for the MegaDrive back in the day. My brother and I hated it. It was the coolest gadget we've ever had though. But I'm inspired now. Watch out, tables!