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Playing FX3 with touch controls on an iPad via Steam Link

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  • Playing FX3 with touch controls on an iPad via Steam Link

    Hi all,

    I wonder if anybody is qualified to give me some advice? I'd like to take advantage of the current Steam sale to stock up on new tables, but don't really like playing FX3 on my laptop. I like the Zen Pinball app better as playing on my iPad it's easier for me to see the tables and feels more natural. Most of the tables I want are Willams ones and they are not available through the main app on iOS, only through the seperate Zen Williams app with it's ridiculous 3 tier freemium currency and overpriced gems to buy tables.

    I notice in the FX3 software touch controls are an option for Surface etc. devices and was hoping that I could use this feature by streaming the game to the Steam Link app, but I don't appear to be albe to get it working. There is a touch control option in the Link app, but it's more of a virtual joypad overlay as opposed to true touch controls.

    Does anybody have a way of getting this to work or any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance.....