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Williams Volume 4 Nintendo Switch Availability

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  • Williams Volume 4 Nintendo Switch Availability

    I posted this inquiry on the reddit earlier and wanted to add it here in case anyone can clue me in!

    "Hey guys,

    I'm hitting up all of the Williams DLC as a gift for someone with a Switch, and I can't find the 4th pack anywhere on the NA E-shop (Road Show, Hurricane, White Water) even though it's available on other platforms and the EU E-shop. All I can find is promo material from a month ago where it lists it as available - did I miss something?"

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    When I search for “FX3” in the Nintendo e-shop it’s there in the results but you may have to expand/click something like “show all”.

    “Pinball FX3 - Williams™ Pinball: Volume 4”


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      Confirmed! It's available through the Switch, but it's not listed on Nintendo's website for some reason.


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        Only 16?

        Nintendo's eShop page could only list up to 16 individual DLCs. Volume 4 appears to be the 17th. Strange is it may sound, this is the case.
        You should be able to see it on the Switch as others have already confirmed it.

        (This is my 16th post on the forum.)