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FX2 and all DLC removed from Steam!!

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  • FX2 and all DLC removed from Steam!!

    Just went to see what tables I was going to pick up this week for my birthday and noticed I couldn't buy them. FX2 and all it's DLC have been pulled from Steam. I sure hope this is so they can change something and return it to the store.

    If this was done do drive sales to FX3 they won't be getting my money.

    Funny thing is that I didn't even know that FX3 was in development let alone released until I went to my wishlist and saw the Deadpool table was gone. Tried the FX2 store page and nope, nothing.

    If this is how Zen is going to treat FX2, I have no interest in FX3.
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    When you fire up FX3 you can import your FX2 tables onto it at no cost, but FX2 was pulled from the store back in 2017.
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