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What are your favorite tables?

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  • What are your favorite tables?

    I only just discovered FX3 a couple weeks ago and I am loving it. I am playing on Switch (FX3) and Android (Williams/Zen). I apparently need a beefier PC as my 1GB graphics card is below spec for the Steam version.

    There are certainly a lot of tables and packs out there (no Star Wars/Marvel yet for Switch though). I am very much enjoying Wild West Rampage and Road Show. What are your favorites?

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    Ok here’s my list for now:

    Sorcerer’s Lair
    Alien VS Predator
    Williams Junk Yard
    Williams Mars Attack
    Family Guy

    And lots more to come!


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      First 3 Williams packs, did not buy 4th. All the Star Wars tables, have not played Ache Tooth Island yet. Just got Yurassin Park pack, very fun so far. Of the Star Wars tables I really like Might, Star Fighter, Darth, Rebels. Droids, Boba. Like I said have not played Ache, but really not a bad one in the Star Wars section I can think of.

      Some other standouts for me are: Secrets, Biolab, Wild West, Archer, Jaws, Back 2 The Future, V12. I'll add more tables, gotta fire up the XB1 and see.

      Edit: Excaliber. El Dorado if you want a challenge, as I find it extremely difficult.

      Edit: must say that Han Solo is another standout of the Star Wars section. Of the Williams tables that I own: Getaway, Theater, Black Rose, AFM, and Medieval Madness are the ones that got me to buy the first 3 packs, nothing in the 4th got my attention. Of the Marvel tables Ghost Rider is cool. Deadpool is pretty good, kinda difficult.