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    I’m playing in a league playoffs on Wednesday night with 2 groups of 4 (top 8 of league qualified). I’m the 2nd seed and as such get to choose either what game or what position I play in for all 3 games in my first group of 4. Top 2 players of the group move onto the final 4 (scoring is 4, 2, 1, 0), and if I’m still highest seed in the final 4 (assuming I make it) I get to continue choosing either what game we play or what position I play in. My question to you all is which would you choose; game or position? My gut instinct is game because I could choose the games I’m most comfortable with, but another part of me wants to choose position cause I generally play better as the 4th player and letting someone else choose the game could relieve some pressure of expecting myself to do well on the games I choose.whatsapp web whatsapp plus routerlogin
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    I would go with game myself. I do better playing a Steve Ritchie table, since his tables rarely have spammable shots. I'm terrible at spamming shots.