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Williams Table "Safe Cracker", only animated table possible

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  • Williams Table "Safe Cracker", only animated table possible

    Hello (again),
    I already tried to make a post yesterday, I cannot see it, please excuse in case it is double posted...
    My situation: I just set up a new PC and there fore installed again steam and fx3. After that also the formerly bought williams table pack vol3 was there, everythings okay so far.
    My problem: I can start safe cracker in the "new" mode only, with the animated safe cracker in the lower left corner and all the point counters popping up in the playfield while playing... :-(
    This happens when I choose single-player-hotseat and single-player-classic.
    Does someone have an idea how I get back the usual single-player-classic-mode with no further animations?
    Many thanks in advance for your help.
    Best regards