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  • How to optimize practice?

    Hey all, I am a newer inductee into pinball and I try to play as much as possible but I've got a problem. The only places to play pinball near me are closed for a little bit and I only get to play when I go back home to Pittsburgh. I have been watching tips videos and Stern Pro Circuit events almost non-stop. The problem is I have a limited amount of time to actually play at a machine. What are some drills or things that translate to all machines (nudging, shot placement, etc) that I can practice and get the most out of that session?

    Also on another note, I went to Kickback in Pittsburgh for the first time yesterday and it was awesome. There were a whole bunch of league players there and I really wanted to ask questions and tips for advice. Is it a bad thing to ask when they are waiting for a turn? Are they trying to prepare mentally for things or is it a person to person thing?
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    Thanks in advance!
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