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  • Nip It Pinball - Ball Release Gate

    I recently acquired my first pin, a Bally "Nip-It" from 1972, at an estate sale. It's playfield is in great shape, the back-glass is nearly pristine, and it only has 1900-2000 games played on it - so I took a flyer on it and brought it home.

    After diagnosing a few smaller issues with the score reset, and a few parts requiring some serious lubrication, I got it running to where it is ejecting balls into the shooting lane from the outhole, and keeping score. It is not indexing balls or players properly, the zipper flippers are not closing (a broken mushroom bumper), nor is it recognizing the "bonus hole" held ball. Mobdro

    I recall reading something earlier about it needing to recognize both balls on start-up for it to correctly manage some of these ball indexing issues, and herein lies the problem: The outhole ejects the ball directly into the shooting lane, passing all the way through the ball trough, without being held by a ball-release gate near the plunger. Inspecting the underside of the board shows me that there is, indeed, a working coil for this gate, but there is no such gate on the topside of the playfield, having been removed or broken by a previous owner. I thoroughly cleaned out the entire machine, and even searched under the control boards to see if the piece may have been dislodged in the cabinet, but turned up nothing. I'm also having no luck in searching online to find a part number or any information on the shape or dimensions of this gate, and I'm hoping you fine folks might have a lead or two.
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    Have you tried the Internet Pinball Database?

    They have a couple of documents available for the machine including a parts catalog list.