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Fish Tales challenge requirements differ between Steam and Switch

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    Originally posted by McLovin View Post
    Hi guys!

    The Switch patch might not have arrived yet to the released version of the game. This fix should be universal once the Monster Pack releases on all platforms.

    Thanks for the patience on this, I know it was like this for a long time.
    How about some notes. So far I have only noticed the aforementioned fishtales tweeks as well as the toned down scores in AFM, but would have assumed after all of this time that the double scoring bug in black rose classic mode and the tiger saw disappearing ball that reappears in the launch lane exploit would have been fixed, but neither were. I do not play whitewater, but was told the ball jumping out of the ramp was fixed as well.

    All of the above bugs were posted within days of release to the bugs thread.
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