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Ultra Mini Cabinet Build w/Intel Nuc Hades Canyon

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  • Ultra Mini Cabinet Build w/Intel Nuc Hades Canyon

    I purchased a pre-built cabinet that was about 2/3rds the size of a real cabinet, but it pissed off my girlfriend (we live in a small apartment) so I had to pass it off to a family member until I get into a bigger place.

    My virtual pinball obsession is so strong, however, that I’m going to have to build one of my own that is smaller (and blow lots of money). I need it to be small enough so that I can detach or fold down the backglass enclosure and put the playfield encloser + backglass enclosure away in a closet, and ideally take up a very small space. So I’m thinking 24 inch playfield (1080p, freesync, 144hz, 1ms response), and a single 4:3 aspect ratio 19 inch backglass, and no DMD or external speakers on the backglass. I want to keep it simple, just two monitors, the PC, arcade buttons, a power strip to plug the monitors and PC into, and that’s it.

    So, with those rough specs in mind, I’m thinking about going with this Intel Nuc that has a real gaming graphics card in it:

    So I have a simple question for you all: if money is no object, is that PC a bad idea to base a virtual pinball system on? Do you see any downsides from a performance perspective, or other “technical” perspectives?

    Also, as mentioned above I was thinking the playfield specs should be 24 inch, 1080p, freesync, 144hz, 1ms response. *HOWEVER*, I would consider doing a bigger cabinet with 27 inch 4K playfield, but I’ve never done any 4K gaming and I don’t know what sort of implications there are in the context of Pinball FX3. First of all, would the PC I’m looking at here (Intel Nuc Hades Canyon linked to above) be able to do 4K *well*? And does 4K have any unavoidable dowsides such as input lag/flipper lag?
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    That PC would do 1k just fine. I don't see the need for 4k just yet for virtual pinball. I have done a bartop game with a 32 inch monitor in portrait. I set it up to just use the one monitor and FX puts the DMD display at the top for you as an overlay with one monitor. I took the speakers from the top and put them in the bottom case with drilled holes after taking pics.


    Or just go big and make a full size cabinet with 3 monitors.

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      I have a Hades Canyon, it's my main gaming PC and I turn my monitor sideways to play FX3. It has no trouble at all running the game, 4k shouldn't be a problem either.

      I did have an issue with stuttering though which was in some way related to Vsync and a frame rate that was too high. The only way I was able to fix it was by downloading the full AMD Radeon GPU settings setup, the generic one that will figure out your card. Installing the AMD version replaced the Intel one, and worked much better. Using it, I turned FreeSync off and limited FX3 to 60FPS. I also turned off Vsync in FX3 because, even though I had plenty of horse power to run at 200+ FPS, it still produced stuttering. I have no idea why, I play much more demanding games with Vsync on without an issue. I'm guessing it's some combination of FX3 weirdness and the AMD GPU, which is a unique chip.