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Single Player need a non power upgrades leaderboard

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  • Single Player need a non power upgrades leaderboard

    Little suggestion, hoping it can make it one day.

    Classic Single Player let us play Arcade or Tournament setup, different leaderboard.
    Single player, with old arcadish physics, only let us play with upgrades powers. I think it would be a plus for those enjoying single player physics to be able to compete and compares leaderboard scores with two different settings, one with powers upgrade, one with no upgrades permitted.

    The single player physics are more easier physics, it would be fun to see how we can compare vs others without the powers.

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    Not a bad idea, but this would only be relevant to the Williams tables.


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      Well, yeah for Williams tables. Only platform you can do this is playing on IOS and Android, could be great if they add this to FX3 Williams at least. I got a big score as example for CFTBL , but powers change the scores. Having a more arcade physics for those enjoying it without powers would be a nice addition.


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        I'd personally just like having regular physics in classic just without the upgrades, like it is on every other table in classic mode.
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          Originally posted by TuttiDeLeon View Post
          Not a bad idea, but this would only be relevant to the Williams tables.
          Totally Agree.
          I only play williams tables on my pincab, disabling all special animations and never using powers. And i'm sure we are many people coming from other simulators and happy to find now that fx3 do real tables , and in a very good way.

          I think powers should just not exist for theses tables but of course , just separated leaderboards would be good (and why not an option available for all tables).

          I think too that if you play with friends in hot seat, (and now possible in zen physics , thanks for that ! ) , best score should go too in the leaderboard.