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Streaming Pinball FX3 in Cabinet Mode (Steam)

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  • Streaming Pinball FX3 in Cabinet Mode (Steam)

    I can get OBS to capture the play field just fine but can't figure out a way to capture the Dot Matrix and Back Glass which is on a second monitor.

    I figured out a work around to just capture the entire monitor and crop out what I don't want shown on stream. I do this twice, once for the glass and once for the matrix. So I can move them independently in OBS.

    Is there a way to specifically capture the back glass and dot matrix as individual sources? Or is the current set up I have the only way of doing it?

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    Check out my Twitch to see how I did it:
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      Originally posted by M!chel View Post
      Check out my Twitch to see how I did it:
      Stream looks great but I couldn't really make out the OBS settings. How are you capturing the Back Glass and Dot Matrix?


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        I added another source for the backglass, you can choose which display you want as the source.
        After I added the backglass, I did the same thing again (so I had 3 display sources in total: playfield, backglass and DMD) for the DMD.
        The DMD is displayed at the bottom of the 2nd monitor, so I didn't use the whole source like the backglass but I made a cutout.
        You can define the properties of the source, like rotate the image or set boundaries.