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X360CE settings for FX3

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  • X360CE settings for FX3

    Is there anyplace with a list of recommended settings/configuration for using a VirtuaPin controller with FX3? I am using X360CE to map the buttons to the Xbox controller in FX3, and have gotten flippers, start, and ball launch button okay, but can't get the plunger to do anything. I have tried mapping the plunger to the right stick, and then select RS in the FX3 options, but it doesn't work. Will try to attach image of my X360CE settings. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


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    Can’t get x360ce to works at all

    I copied the 32bit x360ce.exe to the folder with Pinball fx3. I start x360ce as administrator. Let it creat a file, it finds my virtuapin controller. I select joystick 1. Press the buttons and make sure they’re mapped to something on the controller that appears on the screen. I click save and exit x360ce. I start up PB fx3 and it only seems to see my keyboard. None of the buttons on my cabinet do anything. Did you do something else to get your buttons working?