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Come one, come all! Williams™ Pinball: Volume 5 now available in Pinball FX3 and Will

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  • Come one, come all! Williams™ Pinball: Volume 5 now available in Pinball FX3 and Will

    Ladies and gentlemen, Zen Studios welcomes you to this year’s closing Williams Show!

    Our available seats are at the PlayStation 4, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Mac, Xbox One & Windows 10 parlors! We also have places in the Williams Pinball Application booth, for Android and iOS visitors. Grab your hot pretzels! Hold on to that popcorn tightly! Because tonight, we have a marvel to behold!

    And now… on with the show!
    Tales of the Arabian Nights

    First, coming deep from the bazaars of middle-east, I present to you: the Tales of the Arabian Nights! A thrilling story of magic, wonders, and tales of the old, with one key piece missing: you! A brave hero, collecting the mysterious jewels with the help of their faithful companion, Dimira, to empower your scimitar for the upcoming battle against the Evil Genie, who’s holding our beloved princess captive. Help her, and your efforts shall be rewarded!

    And the show goes on! Now, on to our second performance: the marvels of
    Cirqus Voltaire

    “No no, my dear, don’t let the ringmaster taunt you -- he does this all the time.” Pay attention, my guests, as the balls are locking in, the rope-dancers start to ascend their poles, getting ready to position. Watch as they confidently walk on their ropes, despite the fact that each conducts electricity! Watch the Boom balloon popping, the cannon blowing, the acrobats flying. And watch this! Should you feel worthy of our ranks, we dare you to challenge us, and should you topple our obstacles, the Cirqus Voltaire welcomes you as its artist!

    And last, but not least, the final act of tonight:
    No Good Gofers

    Two little gophers set their eyes onto something much bigger than themselves in No Good Gofers… an entire golf course! You, my dear spectator, should bring your best golf skills here, as these little ones are relentless. They will do everything to wreck your scores, and make you suffer from bogey fives! Go for those Hole-in-Ones, try to not hit the ball out of bounds, and most importantly: watch out for those little gophers, because I can assure you: they have no good intentions.

    That’s it for tonight, ladies and gentlemen. The show is over, but fear not!
    The wonders of Volume 5 are available now!

    See you next time!
    Zen Studios

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    Of all the Williams tables releases on Pinball FX3 so far, Tales of the Arabian Nights is the only one I've ever played before. I had a great time playing it on Classic Arcade and got the achievement and broke a 100 million which is pretty good... I think ;-). I didn't expect it as I'm still figuring the table out, but the new too forgiving physics makes everything feel so much easier.

    I look forward to putting in a much better effort once I understand the table better. So far I can say that it is definitely worth it to go for battle for the genie, but the table is also nicely so balanced so that you can build multipliers and end of ball bonus at the same time. A key aspect to the table appears to be that the End of Ball bonus is cumulative throughout the whole game! Extra balls are thus important and there are a few easy once to accumulate. I was one jewel away from battling the genie for a second time and really wanted to see if you then get double the victory award of 20 million. Hopefully next time ;-)
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      Love this new three pack, Zen. Nice work. Enjoying all the animations, but also appreciate that they can be turned off. Your Williams tables are always instant purchases for me. Can't wait to see what you'll release next in this series. The only critical feedback I have for you is that flashers still don't transmit all that much light to playfield objects / cabinet walls. Hurricaine represents improved lighting. Hope you guys continue to move in that direction lighting-engine wise.

      Keep the hits coming! Hoping to see Williams packs land in Oculus Quest store.