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Are the points correct in Cirqus Voltaire?

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  • cantankerous--
    This now appears to be fixed as I just got all the stars in one try after closing the game and apparently getting an update.

    You're all welcome. *rolls eyes*

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  • cantankerous--
    started a topic Are the points correct in Cirqus Voltaire?

    Are the points correct in Cirqus Voltaire?

    After about 20 tries on 5 minutes still haven't unlocked the score boost modifier which unlocks at level 5 which I can only assume is around 45 million? I don't know since I have only managed to get to 33 million at level 3 and according to the leaderboards that would mean only 4 people have gotten past 45 million. Even at 40 million that would mean 8 people have managed it. I have 700 friends so am able to see a long way down the leaderboards and have a friend who is at 450th place, that's a pretty crappy percentage of people accomplishing it. At best 2%. Just a little hard is all I'm saying.
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