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Issues with FX3 and PinDMD3

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  • Issues with FX3 and PinDMD3

    I'm having some issues getting my DMD to work with Pinball FX3 in my cabinet. I have a PinDMD3, I've got the latest Freezy DMDEXT (1.7.3) installed in my VpinMAME directory, and everything works fine for PinballX, VPX, and Future Pinball. I have tried the following:

    1) Open a cmd window in c:\visual pinball\vpinmame and type 'dmdext test'. Gives me a test pattern both on the PinDMD3 and a virtual DMD on the playfield monitor.

    2) Open a cmd window in c:\visual pinball\vpinmame and type dmdext mirror --source=pinballfx3 --no-virtual [enter]. Gives an error that need to run in administrative mode

    3) Open a cmd window with admin privlidges in c:\visual pinball\vpinmame and type dmdext mirror --source=pinballfx3 --no-virtual [enter], then start Pinball FX3 and launch a game. Nothing appears on the PinDMD3, I see the virtual DMD that is coming from FX3, both one on the playfield and one that I've moved to the bottom of the backglass monitor.

    4) Did some more reading and set the coordinates of the FX3 DMD screen back to 0,0, tried 3) again, still nothing on the PinDMD3

    In FX3, I do have DMD repositioning turned on, and the dimensions are set to 780x204. I read somewhere, either here, or another site that the FX3 DMD should be somewhere off-screen, and maybe my dimensions are incorrect. Reading thru the command line options, I see the '-d' option, do I need to include '-d pindmdv3' in the commmand?

    I've tried it with both a Zen original table and a couple of the Williams tables, since I read that there were some issues with Williams tables, though I believe I read that those got fixed in the latest Freezy release.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!