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Why does every holiday have horrible servers???

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  • OU7CAS7
    Yeah, I have to say that I'm not particularly impressed with this either. Either showing "No scores found" (when there should be), or messages about maintenance or loss of Internet connection.

    At first I thought it was my Internet connection, as my Wifi connection would often drop out to our modem 12 metres away. Recently, I went and bought a wireless repeater / range extender, which fixed the drop out problem with websites. However, it doesn't seem to have done much to fix the issue with accessing scores in Pinball FX3. Which leads me to the conclusion that it isn't my Internet connection, but Zen's servers.

    Zen could probably benefit from optimising their database queries from and to each client. I will admit that I tend to alternate between checking my own rank / score, and checking other people's. But I don't always need to see everyone else's scores and ranks.

    At the moment, the rank / score viewing mechanism alternates between "Friends" -> "My Score" -> "Overall" lists. Clicking / pressing the list type button again changes back to "Friends", and so on. So, what if you just wanted to switch between the "My Score" list and "Friends" list, but didn't want to see the "Overall" list? Currently, since you can't simply skip over the "Overall" list, the game would still send a query to the server to ask for the "Overall" list, even if it isn't what you wanted. Multiply this by the number of players trying to access rank / score data at the same time in a similar fashion, and you get slow, laggy servers. Performance wise, it's a poor design choice, plain and simple.

    The better method would be to let players choose the exact list type that they wanted to view, right off the bat. It may not improve the situation by much, but at least the servers wouldn't be so tied down with so many unnecessary queries to the server database.

    Also, caching the results (temporarily storing them) would also go a long way, as there would be far less queries being made to the server. Why ask the server for a fresh list every time the user requests it? Why not instead have recently cached score and rank information that would be available at the instant a player requests it? It obviously wouldn't provide the absolute latest rank and score information available across the board at an instant, but this wouldn't be as important for the normal single players modes, as it might otherwise be for "Matchup" or "Tournaments" modes. Having said this, a timeout value could be set for the cache to retain the data it retrieved in the first place, before getting a fresh list. Say, 5 minutes for "Matchup" and "Tournaments" modes, and 30 minutes for everything else. Note that this doesn't have to mean that if you set a new highscore and want to see your name with the new rank and score, that you should have to wait for it to come up. Rather, an exception could be made in that instance, and the cache cleared with a fresh update on the list, resetting the timer for the next normal refresh if you fail to improve your score.

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  • wildhagen
    And again everything seems to be down.

    Would be nice if we could play for at least 1 day without extreme slowness or complete unavailability....

    Why do we pay for this game if we can't use it during a lot of days?

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  • jkp0317
    100% Agree

    Weekends, Holidays, nights would likely be high traffic periods on their servers. You would think we could get increased focus during these times. Added things like android, steam sales where they are generating more revenue would get even more attention. Poor server performance for hours on end is not great customer service.

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  • grenadier

    Servers seem broken again. No tournament access.

    If you can't get someone to work holidays, how about at least scheduling a daily automated reboot?

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  • Why does every holiday have horrible servers???

    Man, every time you guys take a day off the servers plain suck. That's all I got. Just letting you know.

    Signed: Disgruntled guy who keeps buying all your tables on multiple devices and wants to be able to access online gameplay and leaderboards without having to wait for minutes each time to access anything.