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Cabinet mode, Screen size & camera view / The right Software

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  • Cabinet mode, Screen size & camera view / The right Software

    Pinball fans!

    Until now i only hve two screens and Steam with cabinet mode
    There are some camera views, where the camera goes with the ball, because the visible screen is smaller.
    Doeas it have something to do because i use a screen which is too smal or is it just the view setting?

    Another question is...
    Which software do you suggest to build a pincab with the best view?
    I saw a video where a camera tracks your hight and angle to the table.
    Is that possible with FX3?

    ( my native language is german. So please excuse me when make mistakes )

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    For a pincab ,use view 1, 1w or 2


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      As stefb said - Pinball FX3 has the option to change views (default C) - set to view 1, 1w or 2 - I prefer 2 on my cabinet.

      As far as head tracking - I've seen the same but I'm pretty sure Pinball FX3 does not support this. It would be great if it could!!


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        For those interested here is a video with head tracking - it looks cool


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          Hello and thank you everyone!
          Excuse me please that i answered so late! I had much to do and forgot to look.
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