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Controller option on ios

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  • Controller option on ios

    Hello Zen Studios!

    I wish it soooo much to play your pinball Games (Williams) with a controller.
    Please implement this!
    I don t get it right to nudge controll the table.
    Ihe screen is splittend to do the different input. But its so hard to nudge for me. It disturbed the flow and it takes so much time. And in pinball milliseconds are important.

    Please do that .
    It would be such a great improvement.
    I love to play with my iPad. But I play different and less good on in.
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    I wish all zen pinball apps had controller support to but I’m worried we won’t get it because the possibility of it affecting sells on the Switch, or something along them lines anyway.


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      Thank you for your answer!

      i m checking now the options to map the input with FPS Doc for ios and devices from GameSir.
      do you or someone else have experience with this or similar solutions?


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        I never tried that app because it appeared like it was fake. It was last undated 8 months ago which predates iOS controller support so if it ever did work I doubt that it does now.