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Pc game lost its sound

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  • Pc game lost its sound

    After starting the game today i noticed my game lost its sound!
    Everythings enabled in the sound settings,
    Even reinstalled the game without any luck.
    windows has sound enabled , also other steam games have sound!
    Plz how can i get it back?!
    Any idea's?

    Edit: just tried my hyperx headstet, still no sound.
    And it seems the game does not receives sound at the volume bar at the sound control panel.

    I really want this game to work now i bought all the dlc!
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    Hey! Could I ask if you connected any new device to your PC before the problem occured? I mean controller, webcam? Maybe that could have changed the defeault sound device.
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      The only hardware that got added was an ipac2, but even with the ipac added the game was working fine. Still, even if hardware got added , why are the other games working fine?

      Did you guys update or patch anything the last 3 weeks?

      UPDATE: After deleting all audio, nvidia and even steam drivers i wasn't able fix it.
      Finaly a system restoire did the trick!
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