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    Hello -

    As we have discovered during the Reddit tournies, there are some physics inconsistencies between platforms, Just curious if any users have both the Switch and the PC, do the games play the same across most modes (Normal, Classic Arcade, Tournament?)

    Thanks in advance

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    I play mobile with IOS and Nintendo Switch.
    And I play with the PC over Steam.
    I noticed differences either.
    For example Circus Voltaire and Fish Tales.

    If you look at the Side Show in Cirqus Voltaire. When the Ball is kicked back into the Table the Ball have much more speed. If you just hold the right Flipper, in the mobile version the Ball reaches the Ringmaster. In the PC Version this Don t Happens.
    I noticed , that the mobile Balls is general faster. This is only one exact example, where you can proof this.
    Especially for mobile playing this is a disadvantage, because everything is smaller and harder to find the right time at the Flipper.
    In my opinion the Table Getaway is really unrealistic hard.
    Long text here I know, but I have to tell more.
    Its even harder, when I enable pro difficulty.
    I played Circus Voltaire two days and then I decided not to turn it on again.
    Its not playable for me.
    Edit: oh. My comment is for the IOS. On the Nintendo I don the see this difference.
    And the controls are as good as with the pc.

    @All players here in the Forum:
    I see that you read the threads, and that is much activity here.
    It would be nice, when you write more and react on the threads, or write your own threads.
    I really believe you have to tell and share your interests: )
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