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    Originally posted by TheMerc View Post
    If I might share my two cents here, I'm with OP on wanting new tables. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy and respect immensely what Zen has done recreating the classic Williams tables, and I completely get why those who grew up with those tables want them to keep pumping those out.

    Having said that, I love Zen's original and IP-based tables. Not only are they great games in and of themselves, but for fans of the genre/IPs being adapted, they serve as perfect tributes. And it's a bit sad to note that Zen hasn't put out a single original table or pack since they started doing the Williams recreations (and prior to that, the last original pack was for Solo: A Star Wars Story back in 2018, if I'm not mistaken). I don't blame them for going ahead with the Williams license, but maybe there could have been a better balance? I guess it's been quite profitable for Zen, so I can hardly begrudge them, but if I'm allowed to be a bit selfish, it would have been nice to have gotten the odd original table between releases.
    Same, I prefer the Zen original and IP-based (especially Star Wars, would love a tie-in with the last movie or the Mandalorian). The Williams ones are ok too but I have them with The Pinball Arcade so I have not bought the last two packs yet. One day on sale...


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      haven t i read something about releasing new tables? in may or so?
      at least something new i know... not sure if in may...

      i wait for a new table too. i mean new...and not a remake...
      i began with pinball fx3 VR ...the VR tables have so much to offer...
      but i think there i have to wait longer for VR tables

      i think its really a problem to have deals with so many different companies
      every platform has its own interests
      i wish they would focus on being themselves. thats my opition.

      i really don t understand why not every table is avalable in Vr.
      i mean...they allready have the tables in
      where is the problem.
      its has to have to do with the platforms.
      otherwise its unlogical.
      and thats not nice.

      thats the brake, i m sure
      i have more arguments. at least one more argument. why i see it this has to do with
      conflicts between apple and nintendo.
      My native language is German, therefore I can t write it very good.
      This conflict I mean which I saw between them showed me one thing: there are more conflicts, with more companies.
      This I believe.
      They try to get the most from all, but that causes slowing down the progress in getting better and releasing new tables.
      When money slows down progress, this frustrates me. It’s sad.
      I don’t know if I would do the same. But really I think I wouldn’t.
      I think it’s not a good decision.
      Here we see....progress is slowed down.
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        Not sure about issues between platforms but licensing and expense. To be frank I'm utterly convinced they just let the Disney IPs deal expire hence they ignored all the latest billion dollar movies your certain they'd otherwise push - Black Panther, Captain Marvel etc don't even have excuse of character/theme being covered in past like say Infinity War or Doctor Strange. They were also willing to do Solo movie and even the animated Star Wars stuff but none of the prequels or latest movies? Disney of course own Fox too these days which also had IPs heavily featured.

        Yeah as such they're only interested in Williams and Bally. Games dying from losing its mass appeal to niche appeal which is what real tables are... Simply not mainstream. With this change of direction I'm not sure VR is priority with smaller amount of resources on hand. I think we're likely to not see any more VR tables going forward.


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          I meant licence problems, yes...
          I didn’t liked to say this...
          I still hope it’s going further.
          And it will go further.
          But slower as it could be.

          I will wait...


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            Originally posted by Wotto View Post

            Can we get ANY indication when we might see some new releases that aren't Bally Williams re draws?

            New original titles.

            I've said before that personally I won't buy the Williams stuff as I can use VPX for them, but we need some fresh original releases as it's been what feels like 10 years since that happened.

            Seriously though.....some word ?.
            I am pretty much in the opposite boat. I only really care about having reproductions of real tables.

            I pretty much ignored Zen until they got the Williams/Bally license and played Pinball Arcade exclusively.

            VPX is ok for what it is I suppose. Some of the modders are quite talented. Others not so much. That said, choosing a pirated version over a licensed version of a table just seems kind of sleazy to me. It is not like Zen is some monster of a company. They are offering a niche product to a niche fanbase. It seems like a huge disservice to them and the hobby as a whole to stiff them because you can get an illegal version elsewhere.


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              Maybe, just maybe... the sales are driving the decisions being made. Call me crazy. If Zen wasn't making more money on these recreations than the original Zen creations before them... they wouldn't have stopped making the originals. For a good financial reason I'm sure.

              I for one do NOT play the Zen orignals much at all, even though I own them all. (FX2 & FX3) 98% of the time I go for the real table ports. Compared to the VPX versions, the FX3 physics are better, the FX3 graphics are better, the FX3 sound is better, as well as it's nice to play a FX3 table in my home that I have played in bars and arcades for years. Yes they are on VPX, and I have them there too... and they're all crap compared to FX3. (let alone the moral argument of VPX tables.)

              It might not make a difference to you, but on my cabinet, it makes a big difference in quality, physics, and playability. I will buy ALL Williams/Bally/Stern tables for FX3 without question. Going forward, I can't say the same for any new Zen originals.

              just my $.02