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Adventure Land --- Heeelp!

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  • Adventure Land --- Heeelp!

    i don t really understand how to playthis table, even though i read the table guide ingame.
    what for example i have to to when i launch the ball in the circle with the racing cars.
    what do i have to do with the flippers...and why ...*laughing
    what can i do in the other circle with the lights?!
    ehm..what do i have to do in Sky Eye...the ball rolls out of the middle laneand falls into the table...mmh...
    when i use the flipper the hole closes...

    i like this table.
    How the ball rolls and in general...nice table...which i don t understand xD
    this is the first table where the combos seems important to me

    please help me!
    : )
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    Eye in the sky has little sockets to catch the ball when you press the flipper. it must hit one of the empty sockets or fails. You have to watch the spinning arms close. The vertical car you have to pulse the flipper to not have it on when crossing the lights that spin. You hold for a bit. Let go for a bit. and it gets going faster and faster. I don't think you do much of anything when spinning in that upper left tiltawhirl.


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      The color scheme of this table hurts my eyes. I understand the look/them they were going for, just wish it was a little bit more subtle.


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        can you describe closer?
        Really, normally i try out and get it one time...bĂșt this table...i don t know how to solve