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  • match up table high score

    is it possible that at the end of each week match up tournaments we could have the name of the member who got the highest score on each of the four tables that have been played that week?
    I'm only an average player but on occasions get an extremely high score and am just curious if that applies to everyone. overall I think the match up tournament works very well as you cant cheat? having said that some members advance to the top spots very quickly with vast points scored in a very short time.
    on the other tournament tables one ball challenge or 5-minute challenge the top scores are way off the mark and am not sure these high scores are valid?
    maybe a member here has a view on this topic. for me thou, I just prefer the match up as the scoring stays within believable scorelines

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    is this the highest score ever recorded on this table does anyone know in the 3-minuteScreenshot (22).gif match up?