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    First off this perspective could be on all platforms. Anyhow I hadn't played return of the Jedi in awhile and last night proceeded to play a game for over 1 hour . I'm not a great player but I do rank in the top 100 on many tables. I couldn't help but notice when playing return of the Jedi that the scene missions were very difficult to complete. I finished the game with the score of over 260 million but yet never was able to complete one scene mission and I believe it comes down to the countdown timer. Don't quote me on this but I believe on the first story mission after you relieve Han Solo from the Carbonite there is a phase 3 to this and the countdown to complete feels like about 10 sec??? It's just not enough time to be that accurate to hit very specific lanes. So yeah that's it. I don't know why I just now noticed this with that table being out so long but I guess in the last few years I've gotten quite a bit better so it stood out more to me now that it was so difficult to try to complete one mission / scene.