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    In-app advertisement issue

    Does anyone know how to report an in-app advert? There's an advert for something called Helix Jump which consistently fails to unlock rewards after viewing, it either flags an Internal Error or simply returns to the original menu. Half way through viewing it appears to switch to a separate advert which clearly causes issues.

    I thought reporting this to Google directly would be a relatively straightforward process.


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      - The Season 2 League rewards were not awarded.

      - When a player has earned 100 Grade 4 table parts the game should stop awarding them. They should also be removed from the store page when this occurs (I've already accumulated well over 100 for Medieval Madness so they're useless rewards).

      - Will tickets rewards for watching adverts be normalised soon? I'm earning 50, yet other players are awarded 75-150.


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        Table Pack 3 Issues - Android

        Theatre of Magic (Basic - 1 Ball Challenge)
        - Table awards a huge amount of XP relative to score and effort (worth playing to 100m then draining on purpose!).
        - Trap door ejects many balls SDTM, does this challenge use Pro difficulty?
        - Skill shot score awards: Ten Million = 11.3m / Advance Clock = 16.3m. Advance is worth more?
        - Visual suggestion: Darker grey or black underneath chest.

        Safe Cracker
        - Minimal XP earned for playing, possibly due to low scoring mechanism on this table.

        Champion Pub
        - Shots to the boxer result in impossible ricochets to far left rail.
        - Weak catapult struggles to transport ball to jump rope (very similar to the ongoing issue with Party Zone & Black Rose).
        - Overlays obscure the jump rope game in Challenge & League mode when using different camera views.
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