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Ball is slower on Sorcerer's Lair mobile?

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  • Ball is slower on Sorcerer's Lair mobile?

    Sorry in advance, in case this info is out there, somewhere. But i just couldnt find it anywhere.
    So, I've noticed that the ball falls considerably slower on Sorcerer's Lair mobile.
    Its not a matter of low frame rates as the game is running very smoothly.
    Its really just the ball not accelerating much on its way down when compared to the other tables.
    Is this a bug im experiencing?

    I'd like to invest some time on this table and maybe get good at it, but with such slow moving ball it doesn't feel challenging.
    Also, if i ended up getting some really high score I'd end up feeling like a cheat.

    I'm playing on a huawei p10.