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  • Williams Pinball Legendary Offer


    The Digital Pinball Fans forum made mention that there's a $30 offer to buy all of the tables. I've been playing the game for a couple of days and have yet to see this presented. Was this a limited time promotion?

    Is it really so unreasonable to ask for a pricing model like on Steam or the consoles? Zen could offer a premium app where you old fashioned pay for tables. In parallel they can continue with that othe model. Marrying both will not work in my opinion. I have deleted the app and when I see the...

    The in game currency really isn't my thing and the table price seems to be double that of PC. I'd be fine spending $30 though.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Contact support and ask them if about the offer to find out if it's random, worth a shot imo. I've had the app for just under a week and got the offer on day one, it's vanished now as I grinded the hell out of this game and got all the tables at two stars Personally I think it's way too expensive! 1500 Zen coins for only 2 stars, which equates to over £30 ish in the UK. If it had all the features unlocked (e.g., pro physics, visual extras) I think it would be reasonable.