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Why are you still fleecing your mobile customers?

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  • Why are you still fleecing your mobile customers?

    Decided to try firing up Williams Pinball on my iPad to see if anything has changed. Nope. Still a piece of garbage that is fleecing your mobile customers. Today’s special offer is Williams Vol 6 for the low price of 750 zen coins. For those not familiar with Zen’s byzantine form of mobile app currencies, 750 coins = $20. Can someone from Zen’s marketing team justify to me the double price mobile users have to fork over compared to every other platform? Personally, I don’t see any added functionality that would justify 100% markup for the crappy mobile version of the Williams app.

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    hi, think that it's really nice idea!
    Like with Android, try not to cross the Apple application store looking for the iOS application since there's none. Simply fire up the Safari program on your iPad or iPhone and begin playing huge number of games today.
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