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Thank you Zen Studios but one little problem

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  • Thank you Zen Studios but one little problem

    On my tablet the status bar stays on the side and interferes with pressing the flipper. Other than that i'm loving it!

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    Same for me , can't you just turn the tablet upside down so the buttons are on top and less in the way ?

    There are still the notifications etc that will, but it won' t make you exit the game by mistake at least ...


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      Yep, Same problem over Here.
      Using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 by the way.
      Regards from The Netherlands,


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        a work around

        i use honeybar you need root but it hides the bar it is also great for Netflix and YouTube it gives you use of your whole screen it leaves a black bar in portrait mode but you wont hit a notification by accident.
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          Yes, I have the same issue. The notification bar should go to the bottom, as it does for every other app. It appears you are handling the orientation change on your own, and not letting Android do it. I think you need to figure out a way to let the OS in on the secret, so it can move the status bar around for you...

          Xoom with 4.0 ICS, although I noticed it with Honeycomb as well.
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            Best Flipper ever, but same problem on Asus prime with android 4.0.3 with the statusbar.

            I hope we receave a quick fix for that, because its not nice