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left flipper sometimes doesn't work

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  • left flipper sometimes doesn't work

    I'm running this on xoom and its the best however, I think the left flipper is failing to respond to my touch once in a while. Usually when I need it badly. No problems with the right. I am holding the tablet so its in a wide orientation. I can't make it happen on demand... but it happens the most when the ball is rolling down from the left side... and it just rolls right on over the flipper and sucks.... is it just me ??? am I imagining this ? I don't think so... otherwise this is the best best pinball emulation I have played to date.

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    flipper problems

    I see that a few people have raised this issue but I haven't seen a solution. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 rooted with the latest operating system. I absolutely love Zen Pinball but consistently have issues with both flippers not working at the most inopportune times. Is there a solution yet?


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      You're not imagining it, it happens to me to at least once a session. But I'm not 100% sure it's not my fault. I might be accidentally tapping just outside the touch screen.
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        left flipper sticks

        I'm running an Asus Transormer Prime with ICS (non-rooted) and LOVE the games. I've gotten hooked on Excalibur, and frequently (3-4 times in an hour) I'll tap the screen for the left flipper and it will not function.

        I'd like to tell you that it is what is stopping me from achieving an insanely high score, but I'm pretty sure that it's my overall sucky gameplay.

        Any updates on this?


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          Touchscreen bug

          I have the same problem and did some tests to discover what's wrong with it.

          It was the same on Motorola Milestone and Motorola Atrix. I tested with others games as well and some times the touch goes crazy. I died several times on shooter games because of this, on both smartphones.

          I used to test with an multitouch apk and, sometimes when both fingers are quite next OR the touch area are wide (for example, using all the THUMB surface), the device will ignore the touch, resulting in no pinball flipper, no headshot, no getting cover or simply stand still and get killed


          I realised that, on Motorola Atrix, if I remove the battery cover and play without it, the touchscreen bug DISAPPEAR, what makes me think it's a static electricity problem. If I put the phone on my bed and try to use it (without holding it), the touchscreen bug appear much more often. Try it and you will see.

          But, since you all related the same on another brands, I'm convinced it's or an Android bug or (less likely) a touchscreen problem (in ALL devices :/ ).

          SO, it's not a Zen Pinball bug, but actually it's worst since affect all other devices. Sad.
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