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  • Playbook port?

    Are you considering a port for Blackberry Playbook? It might not even mean a lot of new programming as there will be an Android player in OS2 (coming Feb., already in Beta) for which files seem to be quite easily convertible:

    I really hope you guys are doing this and that the Playbook has enough capabilities as I spent most of my gaming time last year with PBFX2.

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    Thanks for getting in touch for for your request. We will certainly consider release for Playbook, but cannot confirm it will happen right at this moment. It is nice to hear from people regarding which devices they would like to be able to play on.


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      I also want to recommend Zen Studios port their program over to the Playbook. This was discussed over at the Crackberry forums and there was a lot of interest. I have also seen interested expressed via twitter for Zen Pinball on the Playbook. I am confident that should it appear, it will be very succesful. And now with the upcoming OS 2.0 and very positive reviews for the Playbook coming out of CES, there is a growing user base to capitilize on.

      So as the original poster said, please consider it.