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Socerer's lair "behind the walls" question

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  • shogun00
    Just use the flipper buttons (where ever they are placed).

    Left flipper turns the gears counter clockwise and the right flipper button turns them clock wise.

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  • Martin
    started a topic Socerer's lair "behind the walls" question

    Socerer's lair "behind the walls" question

    Hello. I have this game on my Acer A500 tablet and love it! I have no idea however, how to control and navigate the "Behind the Walls" puzzle in this game. (Where the girl says" You're good a puzzles, can you solve this"?) How EXACTLY do you control the direction of the gears? I thought maybe it had something to do with the blinking green arrows, but they do not seem to change the direction. I am playing the game with the tablet in portrait mode. Does this have anything to do with the location of the controls?